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It Takes a Village...

It Takes a Village
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North Carolina - 

This office provides programming and resources to assist students and parents of students with disabilities.

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Education is an avenue to freedom.  Whether that education is through formal structures or through non-traditional routes, students and teachers need resources made available to them for successful outcomes to be the result.

Press Towards Freedom stands by the belief that human beings are interconnected and what affects one of us, in some way, affects all of us.  Kindness can be contagious.  Through small (and not so small) acts of kindness, provision can be made available  where there was  once lack.  Become a community partner with Press Towards Freedom Transformational Life Services, LLC and donate/contribute to someone's educational journey.  Every little bit helps! If you have a donation/contribution, feel free to send monetary contributions by clicking one of the 'donate' buttons on this page
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