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Breathe Again

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault are societal ills that rock households to their cores, worldwide. Neither of these widely familiar atrocities is gender-specific. They affect not only the person directly impacted, but everyone connected to that person. The effects are far-reaching and can only be addressed when society begins to effectively address the issues themselves.

Breathe Again is an initiative developed through Press Towards Freedom Transformational Life Services, LLC, to be a safe space where victims and survivors can find resources, community, hope, empowerment and a space to breathe. Battling for your life in a relationship wrought with Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault can feel like holding your breath...many don't survive to breathe again. We are glad that you are here.


Even in the middle of your most complicated moments, you are royalty.  You are divinity. You are exquisite and wisdom is waiting to guide your path. This is the part your journey where you are truly not alone. Here, you can find resources to connect you with a life that will empower you, nurture you, heal you and inspire you to reject those things that do not work for you and boldly embrace the ways life can open up to your liberation.

Here, informational resources will be available to better inform us, as a society, of the truths of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and what effective intervention can look like.  Press Towards Freedom Transformational Life Services, LLC collects donations towards providing resources to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault awareness as well as avenues of intervention.  If you would like to donate, you are welcome to send donations to:

CashApp $P2free
*Please specify that your donation is for "Breathe Again"*


National Domestic Violence Hotline

1*800*799*SAFE (7233)

TTY 1*800*787*3224

Text 'START' to 1*800*799*SAFE (7233)

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