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Kimberly McCrae, BA, M.Div
Self-Care Coach/Dream Developer/Chief People Activator

 Press Towards Freedom Transformational Life Services, LLC

"Loving myself requires that I not intentionally harm you. This is a part of my self-care."

Kimberly McCrae

Kimberly McCrae is a Womanist, mother, grandmother, preacher, poet, singer, musician, Social Justice activist, advocate, lecturer and educator.  Embracing an ethic of love in all things, Kim engages the world with a belief in interconnectedness. Through workshops, gatherings, talks and various artistic ventures she moves with a certainty that, with love as a motivator, healing and wholeness can happen.

As a social justice activist and victim/survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Kim encourages people, women in particular, to tell their stories.  Much aligned with the African Proverb that asserts, "Until the lion tells its story, the hunt will always glorify the hunter",  her advocacy, art and life's work is centered on a belief that people's stories are sacred and are most accurately received from the individual. By creating spaces that welcome and center the voices of those who are less likely to be heard in this world, Kim positions success, greatness, beauty and confidence in the hands of some of the least likely while providing education that will assist in the responsible handling of said tools for designing a fulfilling life.  In her preaching, her poetry, her work and her interpersonal interactions, you will find a deep commitment to a holistic understanding of self that is steeped in divinity. 

This story-telling is a part of connecting with one's self, making it an effective part of a self-care lifestyle that is accessible to everyone.  With this in mind, Kim seeks to broaden our perception of what self-care has been and what it can be.  This connection and more intense probing is attuned to soul-care and seeks to care for the deeper parts of our womanhood and reconnect our broken pieces, both individually and collectively.

Kim developed Press Towards Freedom Transformational Life Services, LLC with a focus and vision on offering quality and affordable services to assist people in:
-actualizing their best life
-designing a life to accommodate their dreams and passion 
-linking people to their purpose in ways that are meaningful, holistic and fulfilling 
-linking people to resources that make their best life more accessible
Kim’s philosophy of interpersonal interaction is, “If I’ve not positively influenced someone everywhere I
go, I’ve not walked in my purpose.” 


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