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- Because this is a journey into self-care, I encourage you to place an out-of-office message on your work voicemail and email, unless you are on-call personnel.  This is time for YOU!

- Do you have your passport?  You will need your passport (unexpired and current for 6 months after our gathering).

- Check the weather before packing.  

- If you are traveling internationally, plan for your travel to accommodate arriving in Montego Bay by 5PM on July 17, 2019

- Bring sunblock, regardless of your skin tone or melanation.

- Have you checked in with your medical professional?  If you have health issues that could flare up from a change in climate or flying, please check in with your doctor so you can get prescriptions in advance and get medical clearance.

- Check with your cell phone carrier to see if there is provision for international calls/data/text. Digicel is compatible with AT&T as a carrier, islandwide in Jamaica. 

- Keep a currency converter handy so you can keep track of the rate of exchange.  You will get a better rate if you exchange money in community than you will if you do the currency exchange at the airport. Feel free to use this link:

- Bring mosquito repellent.  Purchasing it on the island is much more expensive than purchasing it elsewhere.

- Bring along a sense of networking and adventure! Jamaica has a lot to offer, especially in interpersonal interactions!

- Check in with your banking institution to make sure that they know you will be traveling.  Banks have been known to block use of bankcards when unusual transactions are noted.

As with all things, I am a work in progress.  Please check back as I finish becoming...

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