Educational Enrichment (Academic Advising)


60 minutes


Having been an academic advisor at Duke University for seven (7) academic years, I am invested in helping design an academic experience for you that will be a great fit for the life you desire! Where on-campus college academic advising is for students, I WELCOME PARENTS AS CLIENTS AS WELL! **To respect the privacy of the college student, parents' services will not be specific to their student’s course of study and will be billed separately and hosted separately from student sessions.** 

I will:

- research specific policies, as they pertain to your learning institution

- advise for pre-majors and students who have declared their major

- advise on academic and non-academic matters...holistic living is always the goal

- work with students on any academic level

- advise on K-12 individualized educational programs

- adhere to standards of confidentiality