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Educational Enrichment (Academic Advising)


60 minutes


As a parent of a child in the Exceptional Children's program in school, I had to figure out how to navigate and challenge the school system to meet my child's needs in an equitable and effective way from Elementary School through High School. Having been an academic advisor at Duke University for seven (7) academic years, I am invested in helping design an academic experience for you that will be a great fit for the life you desire!

I can walk with you to understand and navigate the IEP and/or 504 plan process, to ensure that your child is given the services that will best scaffold them in their educational success. Where on-campus college academic advising is for students, I WELCOME PARENTS AS CLIENTS AS WELL! **To respect the privacy of the college student, parents' services will not be specific to their student’s course of study and will be billed separately and hosted separately from student sessions.** 

I will:

- research specific policies, as they pertain to your state/learning institution

-advise on how to best fill the gaps that exist in your child's current IEP plan/504 plan and/or the implementation of it

-participate as a member of your child's IEP/504 plan team, if asked.

- advise undergrad pre-majors and students who have declared their major

- advise on academic and non-academic matters...holistic living is always the goal

- work with students on any academic level (pre-K through Grad studies)

- adhere to standards of confidentiality

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